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Construction Law Representation From A Certified Attorney

When it comes to construction projects, it is very difficult to find an Attorney who understands the complexities that are involved in the disputes that can arise from them. At Ryan Construction Law, we are uniquely equipped to serve clients with construction law cases. Whether it is for a residential or commercial construction project, our firm can help any client that needs an experienced, well-versed Attorney on their side.

While we are based in Land O’ Lakes in the northern greater Tampa Bay area, we are capable of assisting clients across the state of Florida, and we routinely represent national clients with disputes in the Sunshine State. We regularly assist contractors and subcontractors in large commercial and residential development projects.

We Are Uniquely Situated To Helping Our Clients

Our founding Attorney Elizabeth Ryan is a board-certified construction law Attorney, meaning that she has been recognized by The Florida Bar through vigorous testing of her knowledge of construction law, reinforced by her practical experience through numerous cases she has litigated. Being a board-certified construction law Attorney is no easy accomplishment, as the standards to apply and receive the designation are high.

Applicants must demonstrate significant education on construction law, substantial integration of construction law into the Attorney’s law practice, being reviewed by their peers and passing a written examination. Those who attain this status are highly sought after for their keen insight and capabilities in litigating construction law claims. Attorney Ryan has been board-certified for over a decade, and she has continued to earn distinction in her construction law cases.

Our Commitment Is To Efficient And Effective Representation

For many of our clients, we know that they have much better things to worry about than a lawsuit. We are conscious that the majority of clients would rather avoid unnecessary costs and lengthy delays to their cases so that they can get back to their normal workflow and business. That is why we prioritize working on our clients’ cases to the best conclusion for our clients’ goals, whether that requires us to take the case all the way to trial, or whether that means working out an agreeable settlement with opposing counsel. Our focus is always on accomplishing our clients’ goals, and making sure that they are satisfied.

Come And Speak With Us

If you are interested in working with our firm on a construction dispute or construction related litigation, then please call Ryan Construction Law so that we can get started with you. You may dial 813-606-4180 or you can send us a brief email with a description of your situation. We offer free initial consultations to our prospective clients, so feel free to get in contact with us so that we can schedule a meeting with you soon.